Wednesday, 24 December 2008


I thought it would be fun to go ice skating on Mon with my friend and her children...
I had visions of my boots doing things like this....

But alas... this is how i came home.... Left wrist broken in 3 places...
Like i said. Ouch..

I still had baking pressies to make so my knights in shining armour (aka my sister and nieces)
came over last night and helped me make cupcakes and cookies which are now in their tins and ready to be delivered, as soon as hubbie comes home to drive me!
Hope everyone has a very Happy Christmas!

Thursday, 18 December 2008

Christmas has arrived!!

Ooops... quite a few doors have been opened on the advent calendar since i last posted..
Well it's looking very Christmasy at my house now, and today i bought and wrapped my very last present, they all look so nice under the tree i don't think i'll give them away!!
I'm very excited for Christmas, my fav time of year.
All i have to do now is the baking pressies that some people are getting (don't laugh) they will be done on Tues next week..

As you may notice there's a theme going on with my tree, most of my tree decorations are angels or fairys

As you can tell Grubby is overwhelmed by it all..

Thursday, 4 December 2008

December is here at last and time for the advent to come out!
Have you noticed how hard it has become to find an advent calender that doesn't have chocolates inside it?
My friend bought me this one from Phenix (s?) cards and i love it!!

I took a pic before i opened the windows as i liked the picture ..

which reminds me..i haven't opened the 4th window yet!!

Friday, 28 November 2008


I have just spent the best part of a week reading the Twilight Series of books (leant to me my Kirstin Thanks:) and now i hear the film has come out in america, so i will be waiting for it to arrive here.
Edward is apparently played by the actor who was in Harry Potter playing Cedric (i think)
And the actress who plays Bella is the young girl from the film Panic Room with Jodie Foster.

Look quite cute don't they?
Speaking (typing) of Harry Potter, i am now back to reading them i'm on book 5 and when i've read them all i may watch the films, Thats another stack of books i got from Kirstins library, xx

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Snowy Weekend away!

Last weekend we went to Southwold, a town which we love, our friends had rented a cottage for the weekend and we joined them on Saturday night
We saw our first snowfall this winter, and had fun walking to the pub in it to sample the local Adnams..

We visited two lovely pubs, then when it was time to go back to the cottage we lit the fire..

And the guitars came out...

We had a fab time, can't wait till we go there again, the cottage is right on the main street and opposite a pub which is good for the ale drinkers!!

Monday, 10 November 2008


Seems like ages ago but have just put a load of photos on the computer so here we go..
Halloween party this year was here...

Everyone got into the fancy dress spirit of things...

Kev chose Hannibal Lector, quite scarey looking isnt he?

Nice fingernails!!

The band played long into the night, good job there werent any neighbours!!

There were various caravans, tents, etc which people slept in, but others chose to sleep by the fire ....
Roll on next year!!

Saturday, 8 November 2008

Wardrobe clearout?

Anyone been to this site before?
Seems that aswell as swapping books on the readitswapit site you can swap clothes here..
I'm thinking about having a bit of a ruthless clearout and having a play on there..

Anyone with me?

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Poorly Me!!

Kevin was off work last week with the lurgy and being the kind husband that he is, he thought he would share it with me, so i've had it over the weekend.
Yesterday i had the day off work and sat infront of this all day

With my puddy cat for company..

I actually read a whole book in a day, it was this one which has been sitting on my bookshelves forever..
It was really good, but quite horrible at the same time..

Friday, 17 October 2008

Book Heaven!!

Most people who know me know that i am a complete Book Addict
& at the moment i am actually in Book Heaven, i have found a great website for swapping books and am wondering how i never knew about it before!!
I have so many books at the moment that i am actually organising my very own Book Swap night, where people can come with all there old books and leave with some new ones to read!!
I can't wait for it, as i think it's a great way of getting together with a group of friends, and maybe trying a different type of book than i would usually go for on the bookshelves.

It's not till just over a week away so will let you know how it goes!!

My First Brooche!!!

It's been so long scince i even looked at my crafting supplies they have been shoved in a forgotton corner of the office for nearly a year now...
But i've been wanting to make some felt brooches for ages and this morning i actually sat down and had a try at it.
This is my first attempt, took me quite a while, but then i was ablrt to watch BBCiplayer at the same time ..
Might wear it to work this afternoon, see if i get any comments!!

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

The Great Escape!

I've just got time to show you some pics of our cottage in Little Langdales before i go to work for the day.. It was a fantasic cottage complete with lots of little cottagy touches, woodburner and a village pub 2 minutes walk away!
Here's the front door...

The pic below is taken on one of our walks around the valley, our cottage is in the row of 3 white ones, ours being the one on the right and if youlook really close you can see Kev's van parked a little way to the left of it. The road was very narrow so not much fun getting a VW Crafter down there!
This pic below was our bedroom which had fab views of the valley

& this was the single bedroom upstairs, there was another double room off the kitchen where Rachel & Simon slept & The bathroom was downstairs.

So that's the cottage, appropriately named The Great Escape!
I have lots more photos to bore you with of our walks but have to go earn some pennies now so willpost them another day..

Monday, 6 October 2008

Where to find me...

Back from hol and back to work this week, i havent got much free time as i have staff on holiday so it's down to me to hold the fort here...

It feels a lot colder now so not sure how much ice cream i'll be selling, but i'm sure i will be making lots of hot chocolates and waffles!! Yum Yum!!

The pic above looks really dak, it isnt really that dark inside, honest!!
I havent put the holiday pics on the computer yet but will try to in the next few days..

Saturday, 4 October 2008

Vw Heaven..

Here we are back from a fantastic week in the Lake District. Pictures to come of our fab cottage in the Little Langdale Valley, the few times we ventured out in the car (which wasnt many as we walked the hills most days) i saw a few VW Camper Vans and got to thinking what a fab way to spend the week exploring.
Then i stumbled upon this fab website where you can hire a campervan (at quite an expense... but hey how cool are these!!)

See them for yourselves at

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Kick off Your Sunday Shoes!!

Last week i went with Michelle to see the Musical Footloose!! In Ipswich
This is one of my all time fave movies and the musical did not dissapoint.
It was Fan-bloody-tastic..
And whilst browsing the internet for a suitable pic to post here...
I found the Footloose official SHOP!!!
Haha!! OOOO what shall i buy???
Having a bit of a run of musical joy at the mo, mum has booked us all tickets to see the Witches of Eastwick in Oct also in Ipswich, and i have heard that Flashdance is coming next April!!
Oh where will the fun end???.....

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

He's Back!!

Grubby is back from the vets, he has some anti inflammitories and some antibiotics to take and the nice vet ladie wants to see him/our wallet again next week. Yeh, i bet she does.

Monday, 15 September 2008

Poorly Grubby!!

Grubby came home on Friday night limping, we left him the weekend to see f he would get over it, we did try to have a look at his wee paw but there isnt anything obvious apart from it being a bit swollen, and this morning it was no better (although he has got used to hopping about on 3 legs now and is quite good at it, especially when food time comes!)
So i'm afraid it's off to the Vets tonight for Grubs...
He's fed up waiting, he'd much rather be out in the sun but i won't let him out for fear of never getting him in the box..

Oh, the film was great last night, very girlie but Kev didn't moan at all bless him..
Go see it!!

Sunday, 14 September 2008

9 Years!!

Yep we've been married 9 years today, which means we'e been together 19 years i don't feel old enough!!
I actually did a car boot sale with sis today, got up at sparrows fart and couldn't believe how many people had beat us to it!! Got rid of a load of junk um i mean quality items..
My hubbie spent the day messing about in the 432 with John, at a local air tower open day so for his pennance he is taking me to our little local cinema to see 'The Woman' haha that'll teach him...
Will let you know what the film's like..

Thursday, 11 September 2008


The day i have been waiting for finally arrived in August and a group of us headed off to London to see the musical Wicked.
I've seen a few musicals now, i love them, but i can tell you everyone should see this one, it is fantastic.
Makes you look at the Wizard of Oz in a whole new light!!

While we were there we saw some sights...

And there was time for tea.

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Cool Cars!

Cool things about this summer no 2
Every year on the August Bank Holiday The Prom here is filled with the coolest 50's cars, Hotrods and the like. All the drivers come dressed in their 50's gear and it really does make for a fab display, this year i actually got myself the afternoon off work and walked along, here's a sample of what greeted me...

There was even a Rockabilly band playing in the se front gardens but i didn't manage to get a pic of them :( I loved the colour of this car below..

Friday, 5 September 2008

August was the month that i turned 36! On the day Kev & i took the train to Cambridge, a city that i love (all those bookshops!!)
We had lunch sitting in the park, did a bit of shopping (Fat Face had a sale on in honor of my bday!) and sat by the river watching people trying to Punt!!

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Summer Days..

Good things about this summer no 1

Monday, 18 August 2008

Mr & Mrs

Last week Kevin & I went to luch with some friends, which turned in to a bit of an all day drinking session. This photo is us at the end of a verrrry long day in which i discovered Pear Cider!!

Thursday, 14 August 2008

The War & Peace Show 2008

Thought i's post some more photos of the show we visit every year in kent.
The following photos are from the 'Living History' part of the show, where 'normal' everyday folk dress up and live out a part of history for a week!!

These boys were the Vietnam group

There were Germans everywhere!!

And of course the Americans...