Monday, 28 January 2008

Busy Busy!!

Wow i cant believe it's January, both the ice cream shops have been busy and i'm just starting to have a minor panic about the summer to come... Think we will be making it 24 7!!
Apart from work we have done a couple of things!! Simon and Rachel came over, we all shared a chinese and booked our holiday!! We are off to the Lakes, but not til after the summer when it's cheaper, and all those blinking tourists will have gone home haha!! To say i'm excited would be a slight understatement.. It's a few years scince we went to the lakes, we always had fab holidays there with our friends.
We went to the Railway pub in Ipswich on Fri night to see a band that unfortunately didnt turn up due to an accident on the A12 so they had a replacement band, who i have to admit were a lot better than they looked but still a bit too much 'student row' for my taste!!
Kevin will be 37 on Wed this week old man!
Will post then and let you know what we get up to..

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Wooo Hoooo

Today i went to the farm where the milk comes from to make our lovely ice cream, thoughts and plans are afoot to renovate the very old dissued dairy building there so that the ice cream production actually takes place on the farm and not in the parlour as it is now.
This is hugely exciting as it means it will free up alot of space in the kitchen of the parlour, and also that we can produce loads more ice cream for the hungry public.

Friday, 18 January 2008

Rainy Rainy Rattlestones!!

It was soooo rainy all day today, see the view from my bedroom window!!

All i wanted to do was curl up with my nice warm tights on, but i was good and only spent the morning in general slobiness, at lunchtime i went swimming with Sis, then this afternoon i buzzed around like the flowery housewife i aspire to be, and washed everything in site!!

New Year New Hair!!

I got my hair cut on 2nd Jan, it's a lot lot shorter!! I actually got it cut by my step niece who is training (brave old me!) She did a good job i thought, it's exactly like the picture that i too in and said 'make me look like her!!' (the pic was of the girl in Primevil the first series, i've been carrying around the pic since last summer getting the courage up to go for it!) Not sure that i do look like her.... but the haircut is the same anyway!!

All i need now is a few scalves to keep my neck warm!!

Yipeee a day at the Sales!!

As i have been a very good girl and have been working extremely hard i gave myself a treat yesterday and went to the sales in Ipswich, here is the coat i bought in H&M.
The skirt is one that i bought from Fat Face last week for half price and i love it!!

Amongst the bargains i picked up several bday pressies for family/friends throughout the coming year, how organised is that!!
Can't go into details in case they read this!!

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Watch The Birdie

Kev with his 'Bird'

Kev went to Stonham Barns yesterday for his Christmas Pressie, i'm not sure that when the invite said 'come and spend the day with the birds' this is what he had in mind!!

He went with Dad and BIL who also got the day as a gift from their very generous wives...

A great time was definately had by all, he really enjoyed himself so it was money well spent.

Us wives went out for a girlie lunch which was nice, also went out for tea tonight for Rachel's 21st so i'm quite stuffed still this morning!!

Sunday, 13 January 2008

We Did It!!

Here is the 24 Flavour Scoop Cabinate of the Colchester Branch of The Little Ice Cream Co
Does two branch's make a Chain???
We have worked our little socks off getting the shop ready for the opening yesterday, and it went extremely well, all the customers were very very happy and we had just the perfect amount, not too many so it wasn't stressfull, but a constant stream of them..
Who says you can't have ice cream in the winter??
Here's hoping for more of the same today!!

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Nearly There...

This is Hubbie Kevin working his magic....

It's been a very very busy day today, we've been getting the new branch of The Little Ice Cream Co ready for the opeing day on Sat.
Bearing in mind this is the 3rd opening date we've had but lots of circumstances meant it had to be postponed... more than once!
It's all coming together today though and it actually looks really cool, just like a mini version of the shop in Felixstowe!
I am having stock nightmares at the moment, heve we got enough? Have i forgotten anything? Where should everything go? oooo the list is endless.
Photos will arrive soon once i figure out how to put them in a post...

Tuesday, 8 January 2008

A Whole New World!

Well here i am, who'd have thought i would ever be part of this whole new world of Blogging?
After thinking about it for a while, i thought why not?
After looking at a range of other blogs i did think to myself whatever is going on in my life that others may find interesting?
My home is child free, so you won't find any ramblings about how on earth you get blackcurrant stains off the sofa, the most important decisions i have to make these days are which sprinkles to buy? Coloured or Chocolate?
But hey, that's how i like it.