Monday, 28 January 2008

Busy Busy!!

Wow i cant believe it's January, both the ice cream shops have been busy and i'm just starting to have a minor panic about the summer to come... Think we will be making it 24 7!!
Apart from work we have done a couple of things!! Simon and Rachel came over, we all shared a chinese and booked our holiday!! We are off to the Lakes, but not til after the summer when it's cheaper, and all those blinking tourists will have gone home haha!! To say i'm excited would be a slight understatement.. It's a few years scince we went to the lakes, we always had fab holidays there with our friends.
We went to the Railway pub in Ipswich on Fri night to see a band that unfortunately didnt turn up due to an accident on the A12 so they had a replacement band, who i have to admit were a lot better than they looked but still a bit too much 'student row' for my taste!!
Kevin will be 37 on Wed this week old man!
Will post then and let you know what we get up to..

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