Friday, 4 April 2008

All Shopped Out..

Shattered after a hard days shopping.
Started in Felixstowe where i went to a huge second hand book sale, and yes i bought....5... Well it would be rude not to, it was in aid of the local home for the blind after all, (just read that back, no i'm not taking the p it was a book sale in aid of the blind home..).
So after picking up all the family we went off to Colchester where we spent the day shopping, of course we had a couple of comfort breaks at the lovely ice cream parlour there!
I got some trousers in Fat Face which were half price after trying on every style in the shop, is it just me that has trouble buying trousers? Am i an odd shape or what?
Kirstin did find some shoes for Prom so it was a good day.
Oh and Kirstin got fitted for a bra properly but that's a whole nother story!!
Jealous of my 15yr old's ample bust? Me?

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