Monday, 14 April 2008

Evening Shadows

We went for a walk along the prom in the early evening sun the other night and watched the 'goings on' with the sea defences. I will post some more photos of that later.
It's getting warmer but we have had some April showers this weekend.

I'm all shopped out now, i've had the day off after a busy weekend, and went into Ipswich to help sis get an outfit for her dinner dance this weekend. Thank goodness we found something suitable in the end!
I got myself a couple of mugs from the Pasttimes sale (one of my favourite shops!)
Also got myself a new top from the Wahoo shop (another fav) I love that shop as it sells all the White Stuff, Animal etc but it's an independent shop not a chain so i like to buy my fav brands from there if i can.
Time for a cuppa (from my new mug of course) before i head out for a girlie gathering at the cinema for the buy one get one free special that is Mon nights, to see 27 Dresses!!

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