Friday, 2 May 2008

Party in the Woods!!

Last weekend we went to our friend Ashley's party which he was holding in some woods that he owns.
The plan was to stay the night in the Reo, but after packing it up all morning, we got to the junction at the and of the road and the brakes failed!!
Kev spent a bit of time having a look what was the problem..

But after deciding they would have to be all taken apart another day, we went to the party on the motorbike instead. Even though we didn't stay over it was a very fun night indeed.
As you can see here it was a lovely sunny afternoon, this is Kev and our friend Jane soaking up the sun..

And when tea time arrived there was a big BBQ where everyone just mucked in and made a ton of food!

And the best bit was lots of people came brandishing instruments so we had entertainment from the boys all night!
It was very loud though, and the police did arrive at one point as someone had reported an illegal rave going on!! They soon went on their way though when they found out it was only us lot enjoying ourselves!

Here is Simon doing his stuff...

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