Friday, 6 June 2008

Blue goodies!!

I've been searching so long for just the right table for my garden, dreaming of sitting out, eating my breakfast. At last i found it in a little shop just in the town, it came with two pretty little chairs, one of which i've put in the room off the kitchen, i recently painted the room cream.

So here is the table and second chair in place in the garden, not sure if it will stay here as there are other nice chairs and a bench in the garden. I may have a fiddle around with them.

Aileen came round and approved..

Apat from buying blue goodies i've been making little CAKES,this is quite a milestone for me as i'm no domestic goddess, although things could be looking up for Kevin as they were pretty yummie if i do say so myself, the presentation needs a bit of practise though, not really geting to grips with the icing, but i will probably get fat practising!!

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