Monday, 9 June 2008

They're Back!!

Remember these girls? I found the book in my bookshelves while i was sorting them out the other day!
If like me you used to watch the series on the tv, then you will have probably been to see the film.. or are you a bit apprehensive just in case you are dissapointed?
When i thought about it, and spoke to my friends (some of whom have never watched an episode, shame on them) i tried to describe it by asking how they would feel about 'Friends' being made into a film.. you just can't imagine what they will do for a filmlike plotline..

So off i trotted with Michelle, and my niece Kirstin.
And the answer is 'no' you will not be dissapointed. It is Fab.
I've read a couple of reviews in various papers, (mostly written by men i might add) about it being 'two and a half hours of designer dresses, branding in every scene' blah blah blah, Well YEH!!?? That just goes to show, men just don't get it do they?
And it is sooo much more than that.
Go see it if you havent already.

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