Friday, 17 October 2008

Book Heaven!!

Most people who know me know that i am a complete Book Addict
& at the moment i am actually in Book Heaven, i have found a great website for swapping books and am wondering how i never knew about it before!!
I have so many books at the moment that i am actually organising my very own Book Swap night, where people can come with all there old books and leave with some new ones to read!!
I can't wait for it, as i think it's a great way of getting together with a group of friends, and maybe trying a different type of book than i would usually go for on the bookshelves.

It's not till just over a week away so will let you know how it goes!!


  1. LOVE read it swap it! I've been a member there for a couple of months and it's great :)

  2. oooo whats ur username and i'll look for you!! I'm Twinkletoes (don't ask me why i chose that!)