Friday, 25 April 2008

Crafty Goodness!!

I treated myself to a camera case from the wonderful
When i looked at them and measured tmy camera i was a tad concerned that it would be to big. But it is great! I'm chufffed with it, it came very nicely wrapped in tissue and ribbon which is always a winner with me!! It's all about the Packaging Dhaaaaarrrrrling...

Thermal Underwear anyone?

The price of fuel is rocketing.
Good job we have a nice cosy coal fire to cuddle up to, which we did last night!
Then i suppose we can get the thermal underwear out.

We went to London on Wednesday for a trip to some museums. I had read that it's possible to get trail tickets to london for 6.00 well i couldn't find them, you must have to book them about a year in advance!!
I did take a few piccies which i will post shortly..

Monday, 21 April 2008

Crafty stuff

I havent looked at my bead pile since before Christmas...
I have been busy with the new shop in Colchester, trying to get my head aroung stocking it was a bit of a chore.. but... things have calmed down a wee bit now, the staff know what they are doing, so in theory i should have time to think of crafty things again.
The website ran out and i didn't renew it, mainly as i just havent had the time to do anything with it.
So, today i cleared out my wardrobe. 2 Black sacks went to the charity shop.
Next sort out, when i have another day free will be my bead/craft stash which is in a pile in the office.
I'm thinking that looking through it will give me inspiration to make something again..

Girls Night In..

At the weekend i looked after my little neice while her family went out boozing.
So we had a girly night at her house..
Essentials for this are as follows..
Yummie goodies..

Must have viewing, Alvin & The Chipmunks..

A few giggles and some silliness..

Dancing to the credits...
(Seems she takes after her Auntie with the dancing technique..

More dancing..

And then some much needed sleep!!

We had a fun night, and the family had a good time at the dance, Brother in law could be spotted crawling up the stairs to bed (which it has been reported he fell out of at 3am!!)

Sunday, 20 April 2008

Lazy Summer Days..

Last week we skived off work and went to Woodbridge for the day on the motorbike.
It's a great way to spend a day, far better than working!
The tide was very low as you can see in this pic..

In the background here you can see the tide mill which has been painted umpteen times by local artists

And the chariot...

We also had to visit the new Adnams shop... good job we were on the bike...
Can't wait for summer to arrive properly for more days like that..

Friday, 18 April 2008

This weekend...

I've wangled the day off tomorrow!! Wooohooooo!!
I'm babysitting my darling niece tonight so don't expect i'll be up very early in the morning, but we are then meeting our friends, and old neighbours Claire & Dan for Brunch in a little cafe by the sea so that will be nice havent seen them for a while.
Then i think i may sort out all my clothes!! I need to sort the wardrobe out. Do you think if i put all my winter stuff away the sun will come out?
We can hope.
I even walked past the sale rail in New Look today as i thought i will probably find clothes in the back of my wardrobe that i forgot i had!
Also i've been thinking of getting one of these? I wonder if they are any good or are they just a bit 'gimmicky'?

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Dresses (27 of them) and Boulders

The film was good last night, very girly. We did have a laugh at the six foot man who decided that although as usual the cinema was virtually empty, he would sit smack bang in front of Caroline!!
Here are some pics of the goings on at the sea front.
These big boulders are arriving and being stratigically placed ( so i'm told) to save us from the sea.

And the poor Peters Ice cream kiosk is on the wrong side of the barriers!!

Monday, 14 April 2008

Evening Shadows

We went for a walk along the prom in the early evening sun the other night and watched the 'goings on' with the sea defences. I will post some more photos of that later.
It's getting warmer but we have had some April showers this weekend.

I'm all shopped out now, i've had the day off after a busy weekend, and went into Ipswich to help sis get an outfit for her dinner dance this weekend. Thank goodness we found something suitable in the end!
I got myself a couple of mugs from the Pasttimes sale (one of my favourite shops!)
Also got myself a new top from the Wahoo shop (another fav) I love that shop as it sells all the White Stuff, Animal etc but it's an independent shop not a chain so i like to buy my fav brands from there if i can.
Time for a cuppa (from my new mug of course) before i head out for a girlie gathering at the cinema for the buy one get one free special that is Mon nights, to see 27 Dresses!!

Sunday, 13 April 2008

KT Tunstall!!

Last Tues we went to see KT Tunstall at Ipswich Regent with our good friends Simon & Rachel.
It was a fab night, she was so good live!
We had a box as they were the only four seats left when we rang for tickets!
Here's the stage set..

And Kevin wondering where she is??
AHA here she is!!

I would recommend it to anyone! Having a box is quite good, although if you stick your head outside the sound is better ( this was from hubbie, i couldn't tell the difference but then i'm just a mere woman and he is used to be a sound engineer!!)

Friday, 11 April 2008

Itchy Feet

I want to go away in my Lorry!!!!!!

Sorry, just had to share. Seems like aaaages since we went away and i cant wait for show the season to start again. We are going to a couple of different airshows this year to see the Vulcan (hopefully or hubbie will be very very disapointed!) If you don't know about the Vulcan, shame on you.

Thursday, 10 April 2008


Spring may be finally arriving this week, although i hear it's supposed to be cold again at the weekend. Making the most of the nice weather i walked along the sea front, here is a pic of our pier!

And some prettys.

Talking of sea, there are some huge boulders arriving on the high tides which are apparently going to save us from the sea. I will try and get a pic to show you.
The shore line of Felixstowe is changing a lot, with the new sea defences turning up. Lets hope they work.

Monday, 7 April 2008

Nice day for a bike ride..

The snow we had at the weekend has left us (it NEVER settles much to my dismay) so i'm going to town on my trusty bike today. My husband resued it from the town dump a couple of years ago, and lovingly restored it for me, and i got it for my birthday it's the best pressie i've ever had.

The Brookes saddle is soooo comfy and the big basket is great for all my bargains.

Friday, 4 April 2008

All Shopped Out..

Shattered after a hard days shopping.
Started in Felixstowe where i went to a huge second hand book sale, and yes i bought....5... Well it would be rude not to, it was in aid of the local home for the blind after all, (just read that back, no i'm not taking the p it was a book sale in aid of the blind home..).
So after picking up all the family we went off to Colchester where we spent the day shopping, of course we had a couple of comfort breaks at the lovely ice cream parlour there!
I got some trousers in Fat Face which were half price after trying on every style in the shop, is it just me that has trouble buying trousers? Am i an odd shape or what?
Kirstin did find some shoes for Prom so it was a good day.
Oh and Kirstin got fitted for a bra properly but that's a whole nother story!!
Jealous of my 15yr old's ample bust? Me?

Wednesday, 2 April 2008


I am becoming a bit of an avid blog reader, i love it, maybe it's because i'm nosy by nature, or maybe it's because ever since i could say my ABC i've spent every spare penny on books and magazines of all description, and blogs are FREE!!!!
I love blogs with photos, that's probably why i try to include a photo in most of my posts.
I'm still trying to get the hang of my camera though even though i got it about a year ago!
Sometimes i think it's got too many settings for it's own good..

Take that for example, this is Michelle demonstrating the 'Candle Light' setting (?)