Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Good Books

I'm at last on the 3rd book of the Trilogy that my Niece has lent me. This last book is rather big and heavy so has been sat on my table for weeks now un read, the problem being that i like to carry my books around with me so i can sneak a quick glance at any moment, and this one is not very handbag friendly.

But i took it with me while we went away for the Bank Hol and i actually made a fair dent in it due to the terrible weather conditions.. (piccies of that weekend to come!)
Anyway these books are recommended, they are totally not my kind of thing (or so i thought) but i've got quite into them and think i'll be raiding my nieces bookshelves again in the future!!

Garden Duty..

That's what i was on while Hubbie went to Wales for the weekend (seems like aaages ago..)
I made the pots pretty with nice plants.

Don't ask me what they are called.. i choose plants for the nice pretty colours..

And here is what the cat thought of all my hard work...

Can't believe that was 2 weeks ago, and it was soo Sunny, it's been a rather wet Bank Holiday here and in Norfolk where we were, i will post about that later..

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

They made it!!

The boys made it to Wales and back on their trusty Armstrongs, it took them a mere 9 hours (with plenty of comfort breaks) to get there.
They had a fabulous weekend, the weather was good, apart from the little thunderstorm at the top of Snowdon!

Here are the trusty machines having a well earned rest.

And Colin having a rest too...

This is my daft husband thinking he's funny

As you can see it was a wee bit foggy going up..

And this was the local pub where they were fed and watered on a regular basis.
So it's good to have him home in one piece.
And what i hear you ask did i get up too?
Well maybe i'll leave that for another post..

Friday, 9 May 2008

\Bye Bye Kev!!

Hubbie has just left on his epic bike journey with his two pals, they all have the same type of motorbike, and they are off to Wales on them this weekend where they are going to walk up Snowdon.
I was going to worry about them going too fast etc on the road but seeing the amount of stuff they packed on the bikes i don't think i need to worry they are fairly weel laiden down!!!
So i'm alone till Monday, just me and the cat.
Hmmmm what will i do?

Parcels in the Post!

All this lovely sunshine means i havent been up to very much apart from make ice cream this week!!
Been meaning to post pics of some nice pots i got from the Laura Ashley sale the other week, Here they are...

And my jug that i thought makes a great vase..

They were all half price which was fab and goes nicely with the theme i've been doing the kitchen in.

Friday, 2 May 2008

Party in the Woods!!

Last weekend we went to our friend Ashley's party which he was holding in some woods that he owns.
The plan was to stay the night in the Reo, but after packing it up all morning, we got to the junction at the and of the road and the brakes failed!!
Kev spent a bit of time having a look what was the problem..

But after deciding they would have to be all taken apart another day, we went to the party on the motorbike instead. Even though we didn't stay over it was a very fun night indeed.
As you can see here it was a lovely sunny afternoon, this is Kev and our friend Jane soaking up the sun..

And when tea time arrived there was a big BBQ where everyone just mucked in and made a ton of food!

And the best bit was lots of people came brandishing instruments so we had entertainment from the boys all night!
It was very loud though, and the police did arrive at one point as someone had reported an illegal rave going on!! They soon went on their way though when they found out it was only us lot enjoying ourselves!

Here is Simon doing his stuff...

Thursday, 1 May 2008

An Award???

I've been given an award on my Blog!!
Now i havent a clue what this means, will have to investigate further but i'm still grinning over it!!

Lovely Clothes

Went to the V&A last week during a train trip to London with hubbie and our friend, Paul. When i'd had enough looking at rocks in the Natural History Museum i snneked off on my own lo drool over the lovely dresses such as this one..
Definately more trips to London are on the agenda especially as i've found a website that gives fab 2 for 1 offers on shows if you go by train... yipppeeee all i need to find now is those 6.00 tickets to London i keep seeing advertised but have never managed to buy... do they actually exist do we think??