Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Charity Shopping..

Apart from sitting in fields looking at green things i have been buying a few summery items from charity shops lately:)
Here is a skirt i got today for the bargain price of 3.00, it's knee length so maybe i will get my legs brown.. You can't see on the pic but it has sparkly bits in the pattern, and you know, who dosn't love a bit of sparkle..

And this dress is a favourite already, it's a bit creased as i've washed it and not ironed it yet. This was 5.99 but it was brand new with the tag still on, would have been 26.00 so a bargain as well i'm sure you will agree.
Both these will be coming away in the lorry with me for the sunny weekends ahead..


Having blog trouble so this is just a wee test....

Thursday, 18 June 2009

432 Fun

More pics from Debache... The Army Cadets spent the weekend working the carpark so as a treat the boys took them for a spin in the 432..

And the pic below shows what they got up to when they got rid of the passengers.
Donuts in a 432. Hmmmm.

Friday, 12 June 2009

The Weekends have started..

My first weekend away of the year was at Debache Airfield, it rained on and off, but we were nice and cosy in the Reo! We all got dolled up for the Hanger Dance on the Saturday night:

This pic below was us on the way to the Hanger:

And here is a pic of our little camp

Below is a pic of what i was up to most of the time, especially Sun as it rained a lot, sitting inside, listening to the rain beating down on the roof of the Reo, Woodburner lit, book in hand, and a glass of wine nearby.
Tough life.

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

My other Home...

Remember when i had green bits of metal drying on my washing line? Well they have all gone back to their original home like a rather large jigsaw puzzle. I was a lorry widow for most of the winter, but look, it was worth it.

OOO how shiny and new it looks..

My New Second Home..

As promised what seems like a hundred years ago, here is a couple of pics of the new home of the ice cream production.
Yes we love it.

And just to prove that when the sun was out i did indeed cycle the ten miles each way (and on more than one occasion too!)

This new home is proving to be a Godsend, making the ice cream chefs very happy indeedy.
And on a nice sunny day we can even pt the chair outside in the sun for lunch break :)

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Because i deserve it...

I treated myself to this new print from the Etsy Shop of Emily of The Black Apple fame,
You can see her blog at

Can't wait for postie to bring it to me!!