Friday, 23 October 2009

I'm Back!

Ohmygooodness where have the months gone?
It's been a bit of a blur of wellie's, camping, bonfires and green stuff, oh and i've been making and selling the odd scoop of ice cream too! :)
Life is indeed fine and dandy and now it's the cooler days of autumn where i get to breeeeeath a little.
Oh and how could i forget, there was the little trip to New York City with our friends Simon and Rachel. The City that Never Sleeps. Oh so true, especially when there's only 5 days to see it all...

And see it all we certainly did. We were on the case i tell you, and ticked all the boxes.

The weather was fab for us. There are of course zillions of photos, but here is a couple to get you in the spirit of things..
I'm loving October and all things witchy, but was falling out of love with my blog, may be fiddling with it a little, please indulge me.

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