Thursday, 29 October 2009

Life since NYC

Still catching up with what we've been doing in the Blog absence..
The very same day that we landed back in England after our fabulous trip to NY, we hopped in the Reo and went to Henham Steam Fair.
This is a show we go to every year so didnt want to miss out on. Even though we were sooo tired, we slept for 13 hours straight on the first night, after being up for something like a zillion.
But it was worth it as we got to see the pretty Steam Engines..

As you can see i didnt get too energetic that weekend, i just sat around and basked in the late summer sun. Modelling my Magnolia Bakery NY T-shirt :)

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Things to do whilst in New York City..

Thought i'd share some more photos of the hol.. we were very lucky with the weather the sun shone every day, there was just about half an hour of rain on our last morning.
Central Park is bigger than you can ever imagine, we walked around it for about 2 hours and only saw a tiny corner, but we did find this little slice of heaven nestled in there somewhere.

The Tavern on The Green is a lovely place, full of Chandeliers, lacy table cloths and bone china inside and the trees are decked with lanterns and fairy lights outside. We went in the day but it would be great to go there in the evening when all the lights are on,
Above is us enjoying afternoon tea.

You cant go to NY without trying the cocktails, i tried Berry Blush, and yes i only had the one...
Just call me Carrie.
The bus tour over to Brooklyn at night was great, we got to look over at the Skyline.

Friday, 23 October 2009

I'm Back!

Ohmygooodness where have the months gone?
It's been a bit of a blur of wellie's, camping, bonfires and green stuff, oh and i've been making and selling the odd scoop of ice cream too! :)
Life is indeed fine and dandy and now it's the cooler days of autumn where i get to breeeeeath a little.
Oh and how could i forget, there was the little trip to New York City with our friends Simon and Rachel. The City that Never Sleeps. Oh so true, especially when there's only 5 days to see it all...

And see it all we certainly did. We were on the case i tell you, and ticked all the boxes.

The weather was fab for us. There are of course zillions of photos, but here is a couple to get you in the spirit of things..
I'm loving October and all things witchy, but was falling out of love with my blog, may be fiddling with it a little, please indulge me.