Thursday, 21 January 2010

So i thought I'd had a bit of Vampire overload and instead of reading the next True Blood novel, read this book which i found in the charity shop.
The cover appealed a lot. The cover has a direct influence on whether i buy a book or not.
It's all about the packaging darling.

I liked it alot, the whole vintage clothing shop angle was great for me, i was dreaming of
popping over to France to buy vintage nightdresses and thne selling them on as dresses.
You know. Like you would :)

Sunday, 10 January 2010

New Year

I've decided that for 2010 i'm going to put on my blog all the books i read.
I read a lot, and it will be interesting to see excactly how many books i get through.
At the Moment i'm doing the 'Vampire Thing' with Charlaine Harris.

I'm on the 7th novel in the series at the mo, and i did watch a few episodes of the series on TV but it wasnt one that grabbed me that much, i much prefer the books.

In between reading this series, i read a couple of books from her Harper Connelly series, which were very good

I know that she has written a few other series and may try them at a later date, then again i may try something else entirely

I'm loving the cold snowy evenings where i get to snuggle in front of the log fire, with my blanket, some chocolates and a nice cup of tea. Bliss.

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Still Snowing....


I've been praying for snow like i remember from my childhood in yorkshire, when the piles of snow were taller than me. Were they really that big or was i just so much smaller then?
Well my snow dancing has payed off, it looks like it's here to stay. I've walked 5 miles in it today. Bliss.

The snowy walk home

I am quite lucky in that i can walk to work along the prom, i took my camera when the first dusting of snow appeared:

I suppose a lot of people would say i'm unlucky as i don't get to have 'snow days' and stay home, but i don't mind as i do like my job, so i put my walking boots on and off i go!

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

'Camping' in the Snow

One weekend in Dec, when the first covering of snow came, we decided it would be fun to pack up the Reo and stay out in it. Luckily we know a
of a lot of unofficial camping spots around.
Once we were settled we put on a few more layers and took a walk through the snowy woods to a warm and cosy place for a few drinks and to listen to some music.

Luckily the fire inside the Reo did just the job at warming the tootsies

The bonfire outside and the mulled wine helped a fair bit as well..
This is quite a rare site i thought, snow on the bonfire

When we woke up the next morning it was a beautiful day.
I just couldn't resist running throught he virgin snow. Big kid i know.