Sunday, 10 January 2010

New Year

I've decided that for 2010 i'm going to put on my blog all the books i read.
I read a lot, and it will be interesting to see excactly how many books i get through.
At the Moment i'm doing the 'Vampire Thing' with Charlaine Harris.

I'm on the 7th novel in the series at the mo, and i did watch a few episodes of the series on TV but it wasnt one that grabbed me that much, i much prefer the books.

In between reading this series, i read a couple of books from her Harper Connelly series, which were very good

I know that she has written a few other series and may try them at a later date, then again i may try something else entirely

I'm loving the cold snowy evenings where i get to snuggle in front of the log fire, with my blanket, some chocolates and a nice cup of tea. Bliss.

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