Monday, 1 February 2010

Exciting Theatre Trips..

This month, i am looking forward to the trip to London to see Dirty Dancing, which is part of a 40th Bday treat for my big sis.
This is a fav with everyone i'm sure, so we are very excited!!

I've just finished reading this book, we went away for the weekend and i admit to being a teeny bit antisocial on the Sun morning, as i just had to finish it... I love all Sophie's books and this one didn't dissapoint, it was great, made me want to put a flapper dress on and go dance the Charlston whilst sipping cocktails...:)

...and this is the book i read previous to that one, i enjoyed it. I'm sure most book people have read PS I Love You, and liked it, but then i was a bit dissapointed with her follow ups, iI even didn't finish A Place Called Here, this however i read very quickly and loved :)

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  1. Lucky you!!! Have a fab time at Dirty Dancing, I'm very jealous!! I'm looking forward to reading 'Twenties Girl' I love all the glamour of that era!! Just have to get me a copy of it first!! I've a few Celia Ahern's to read too, I quite liked 'The Gift' but felt slightly 'unsatisfied' by the ending.