Sunday, 28 February 2010

In which we drank champagne & ate Strawberrys all the way to London & back!

As promised a few posts back, the pics of the Taxi (Limo) to London Town!

A Limo? for me? she asked as she saw what awaited outside....

There was even scrummy cup cakes in case we were peckish, and who wouldn't be when faced with these mmmmm

We had a bit of a dance on the way to get us in the mood, and the lovely Tony dropped us off at Covent Garden, where we had a look around and saw some sights..

The pic below is the Mustgoto Sweetie shop at Covent garden where you can drool over the jars of sugar mice and gobstoppers, or buy the extravagantly packaged (and priced) Cath Kidson boxes of chocolate!

We saw the show, as mentioned previously, and then good old Tony picked us up and took us home. Luckily for us, there was supplies left for the journey home :)

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