Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Remember the tea kettle - it is always up to its neck in hot water, yet it still sings!

Are you a Tea lover? How do you drink yours? Which type do you like?
I do love tea. I will drink a cup of 'Builders Tea' any time. Mr D loves Earl Grey.
And it has to be Twinnings, (he can tell the difference from Tesco's own...i've put him to the test!)

Ive treated myself to some rather cute little cups from Pip Studio (i will find some pics and post soon..) which are a kind of cross between a cup and a mug, which i am about to try out :)
Do you warm the pot first? i have to confess i do not, being a two-type tea household i just sling the tea bag in the mug.
But. I'm thinking of Changing my ways, as i do love it on visiting friends and watching the whole tea warming ritual:)

Then there is the cake that comes with it, who dosn't love that?

One day. I'm going to have Afternoon Tea at the Ritz.


  1. I generally only drink tea if I'm not feeling well. I love green jasmine with just a little bit of honey. So good!

  2. Afternoon tea at the Sheraton in Edinburgh is to be recommended Claire. I haven't tried the Ritz yet but have tried Harrods & the Cafe Royal in London. Still prefer the Sheraton.....so far!

    Aunt Allison

  3. I'm more a coffee person but I wouldn't turn down tea at the Ritz, or anywhere come to that! It's always got to be tea with a fry up or a bacon sandwich though. Shame you're not closer; you could have popped around for a cuppa and a leftover vampire cake!

  4. I love herbal tea! Anis is very good. I love camomile too. Lovely photos.


  5. Ha!! Thankyou for all your comments...if anyone can read chinese could you translate!???? :)

  6. Love the tea cups very Lady Gaga

  7. so cute!! that first set is darling!!