Wednesday, 14 April 2010

A Feature all about ME! (oh and my town)

Want to say a ginoooorrrrrrrmous ThAnKyOu to Krysten over at her Blog 'After i Do' for featuring me on her 'Where i Live Wednesday' series you can check her blog out here..

I've never taken part in anything like this before. I admit to feeling sometimes such a novice in the Blogging world, so hope you find it interesting, i'm feeling ever so slightly famous and part of the gang..
I'm so lucky to live in a place that gives me Sunsets like this..

I think i might just celebrate with a wee cuppa :)


  1. Great feature over at Krysten's today! It's making me wish for a vacation!

  2. I found your blog at Krysten's! Very sweet!

  3. Just came over from After I do...great post!

  4. loved your feature over at krysten's!!!

  5. I read your blog post! It was really cute and your home sounds like a great place to be. Ohhh give me the simple life :)