Friday, 16 April 2010

In need of rest

I think i go through this every year at this time, the shop is busy & somehow we forget how big the queues get/how huch ice cream and scones people can eat.
Work has gone a wee bit crazy, for various reasons which i'm trying to be sympathetic to.
I'm thinking about Summer Staff, & doing 127 things i my brain. I tell my brain over & over that 'it's only ice cream & coffee' nothing to get in a stress about. But my brain dosn't always listen.
When really all i want to do is this....

He looks so comfy don't you think?

I found this & thought yes thats about right. On the plus side, i eventually found the 'edible glitter' that i've been looking for and we are going to start making our cupcakes a bit like these..(or so we hope!)

When i look at these cakes it makes me smile :)
Today i'm spending the day with my littlest Niece, who knows what we may get up to.
There may even be Tea & Cake.
I may even turn the Blackberry off :0)
Hope you all have a stress free Friday.


  1. Oooh the glitter sounds like fun! No stress my dear, one thing at a time right?!

    P.S.The tree house sounds fun! Jealous:-)

  2. Love the glitter and what a gorgeous sunset.