Monday, 26 April 2010

That time of year

I managed to go through about 33years of my life without suffering from Hayfever, then one year a few years ago it hit me unexpectedly, and ever scince i have suffered on and off.
Last night Mr D and I went out with some friends. All was very well in our world.

In the middle of the night i woke and couldn't breathe! I sniffed and blew, eventually resorting to putting Olbas Oil (ok, how old do i feel writing that!) on my pillow to try and get some sleep. Mr D slept through, waking this morning to 'what on earth is that smell!!??'
I have been looking and it seems that the pollen count is high at the moment, so there's the explanation.

I may resort to pills tonight as i cant face another night like that after my busy day at work.


  1. I just discovered last summer that I suffer from allergies too. Never had them before. Then bam!!! I hate allergies! I take Zyrtec it seems to help a little. Hope you feel better!

  2. Ugh, I never used to have allergies. They started a few years ago and they get worse every year. It's awful!