Thursday, 8 April 2010

Things to do at Grannie's House

A couple of weekends ago, my sis & i took off on a wee road trip up north to see Grannie

Isn't she BeAuTiFuLl?

Three days we spent, we poured ourselves some wine (yes Grannie had some too!)

Read lots of indulgent magazines. (i am addicted to these magazines, even though the price of them is enough to make you faint!)

Watched some films. Now has anyone watched this one? It was lent to me by a friend so we just had to. Her exact words were 'it's not a Hubbie film' and yep, she was right about that one. It was just kind of nice, and gentle, and well there's not much else to say about it really..

Then we watched The Notebook. This is a film that i have never really wanted to go and see, but again it was lent to sis by a friend so we watched it, & it's one of my niece's favs, so we thought we would see what the fuss was about.
I quite liked it, but this too is not a 'Hubbie film' The 1940's theme was cool, i love that era.
It also won Best Kiss at the MTV movie awards in 2005!
Whilst at Grannies we did a bit/lot of shoppping. Where there is shopping comes books.
I've read these two, the first two of a trilogy, & definately going to buy the last one :)
So here we are back home. Grannie inspired us to start making a Patchwork Quilt. I so want to. I have a template and everything. :)


  1. 一個人就像一個分數,他的實際才能是分子,他對自己的評價是分母。分母越大,則分數的價值越小。 ....................................................

  2. I love old photos.. your grandma is definitely beautiful!

  3. I have the Notebook on my to watchpile.....keep us up to date on your patch work quilt. I'd love to make one