Friday, 21 May 2010

Birhday Garden party!!

No not mine, but tomorrow is The 18th Birthday of my lovely Niece.
Yep, i'm old enough to have an 18yr old niece, (in fact her brother is 21! Yikes)
So in the morning i will be setting up her garden for The Garden Party of the Year!
I was looking for inspiration on weheartit :)
These two look about right dontchathink?
I have bags of paper lanterns, tea light holders, bunting, i am getting quite excited about setting it all up, although i won't be staying for the evening (well...really...a bunch of 18yr olds drinking, do you blame me?)..& there is a beer festival with my name on it tomorrow night, time to test out the new 2 man tent which we bought for motorbike outings.:)
Happy Birthday Kirstin! XOXO


  1. Oh wow! That's going to be one gorgeous birthday party! What a lucky niece to have you for her aunt. Enjoy!

  2. Should be the perfect day for a garden party - enjoy :)

  3. I love the paper lanterns! those are lovely. You'll have to post pictures from it!