Sunday, 16 May 2010


Hope your weekend was happy :) We went to a show about an hour and a half drive away (but bear in mind we only travel at about 45 mph in the Reo!)
It was a nice little show full of friendly people & we got to go down The Secret Bunker of which i have some pics but haven't uploaded them yet..
Last week i watched this film..
I had an afternoon off, it was a bit chilly, so i lit a log fire, got the chocs out of the cupboard and settles down for a bit..
It isn't the kind of film that Mr D would appreciate, so i knew i had to watch it on my lonesome, not that i mind my own company, we get on quite well, memyselfandi ;)

Anywho, i really enjoyed it, it was facinating how her story came together, and not how i envisioned at all.

& who would have thought it all started with a few straw hats! I never knew that!

Have you ever watched a film with sub titles? this was a first for me, i never realised how often i look away from the screen whilst watching TV!!
Trawling the internet it's amazing how many celebs wear the Channel Brand..

I do love Channel No5 & have been lucky enough to find myself on occasion with a bottle on my dresser..
Just call me Norma Jean :)
Apart from skiving and watching films last week i finished the 3rd book in a trilogy

ooooops sorry teeny tiny pic!
I loved the trilogy and am now reading a book which is of the same theme but a stand alone book called Elphamines Choice

Thought i'd leave you with that little statement.
Monday tomorrow i wonder what the week will bring?


  1. I definitely need to check out that book series!

  2. Hi I called over from My Sydney life Paris blog.. Carolyn's. I met Carolyn last year in Paris, all through blogging.

    I watched this film yesterday, on my ownsome too. Not the sort of film my husband would watch, so kept it for one of his trips away. I loved it and as you say fascinating out it came together :-)

  3. I love Audrey Tatu cant wait to see the film