Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Dance like no-one's watching

Mr D and i went to a party at the weekend. We had a little dance, where i realised just how un fit i am actually getting.
I Love dancing, it's great excersise too.
I love to watch people dancing too, and i mean proper dancing, not the girls that go in a group to the dance floor then spend the whole time trying to talk to each other over the music (why do they do that!?)
Lucky for me my Mr D likes the odd dance or two... although he hates it when i get sucked into the dancing programmes on TV!
What do you like to dance to? We do some jiving to any kind of 50's rock n roll.
Then there are some songs that make me want to get up there. On Sat it was Walking on Sunshine By Katrina & the Waves :)
Another one i always love is Saw her Standing There by The Beatles
I'm thinking of having a dance right now
Want to join me?

Dance like no-one is watching. Sing as if no-one were listening and Live each day as if it were your last

(BTW my pics are from weheartit)


  1. beautiful pictures. i love dancing, my friend and i have just started lindy hop classes, its such fun! x

  2. I love this quote. And I would say Stevie Wonder always makes me wanna dance: Sir Duke to be exact.


  3. Hi from Australia -- I came across your blog when I searched for Felixstowe and found your 'Where I'm From' post on 'After I Do' (have now discovered two lovely new blogs!).

    My partner was born and raised in Felixstowe and I've fallen in love with the place now, too ... our friends there LOVE your ice cream shop and we have photos of them standing outside it with their cones :)

    I wrote a post about Felixstowe on my blog at
    We're even thinking of moving there ourselves :)

    Cheers and maybe our paths will cross in a few weeks when we stop in for ice cream!

    My Sydney Paris Life