Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Fun Day in the Rain

The Bank Holiday is over, we had a nice day here....
At the Game & Country Fair
We had ALL the weather, Sun, Rain, Wind.. lucky for us we had lots of coal for the fire
When the sun did shine, we watched the gun dogs do their thing, how cute are they! And so obedient!

Mr D didn't shoot this time, instead we partook in the cider drinking that is compulsery at such events.. but you could have a go at clay pigeon shooting if you wanted.
There was also a merry go round, if you were that way inclined

The cider drinking was so much fun we stayed an extra night, & got home this morning, off to work this afternoon for me, wonder whats been going on there in my absence?
Oh & i read a book which i loved, will post about it next.. xx


  1. Only found your blog today via Ellouise88 - she mentioned a Suffolk connection to both her recent giveaway winners.

    We visited the Game Fair yesterday - had a good time though it was very cold.

  2. Sounds like you had a great day.
    looking forward to hearing about the book

  3. Sounds like a perfectly wonderful day.