Sunday, 9 May 2010

Sack the Cleaner!!

I'm just going to have to sack my maid. I mean she hasn't turned up for weeks now, what a bitch! (in fact i can't remember ever seeing her!) and i'm afraid my house is going to get swallowed up in the cobwebs
The ironing just isn't getting done...
Maybe she was a figment of my imagination? Did i dream of a lady with a feather
duster flying around my house?
Hmmm i think i'm just going to have to face facts. She isn't coming. And actually never did.

I'm busy at work & it's only May!! How is it going to be when ice cream season really kicks in?!
How are you getting all your cobwebs cleared?


  1. ha ha yeah I wish I had a maid. Currently I am houseless and jobless since I returned from Peru on Tuesday... at least you hae cobweds! And they aren't your mom's... ha ha.


  2. Hmm... maybe your maid is hanging out with mine? ;-)

  3. cleaning the house is just something i find so hard to motivate myself to do!
    thanks for your lovely comment x

  4. My vote is to sack her. It is so frustrating to hire people you can't depend on. I am sure a great help is waiting for you. :)