Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Sometimes a book comes along...

that you just think that everyone should read, & this is one,
It's the true story of Endal the assistance dog to Allen, who suffered a terrible head injury in the Gulf war After 3 years in hostpital he couldn't remember any of his past including his wife and children. His condition means he is unable to make new memories for more than a couple of days and he is unable to do everyday things like judge how fast a car is coming along when crossing the road, as well as being confined to a wheelchair.
Almost everyone is familiar with Guide dogs to the blind with their yellow jackets but these assistance dogs do things to help their disabled owners that you wouldnt believe possible!
The picture below made Endal famous when a reporter saw him helping Allen use a cash point, from there he won countless awards not least for saving Allen's life one day when he fell out of his wheelchair, by pulling him in the recovery position & putting a blanket over him before running and barking for help!
This wonderful dog basically saved Allen's life (he had tried to commit suicide twice before Endal came along) & his marriage. (The pic above is of Allen and Sandra's 2nd marriage blessing)
Sadly, Endal died at a ripe old age last year, but not before he could pass the batton on to Allen's new dog, EJ (Endal Junior).
Go on. Read it. :)


  1. nice post i have to buy this book very interesting

  2. Sounds good another for my wishlist