Monday, 28 June 2010

Weekend Fun

What a fabulous weekend we had, just up the road at Rougham.
Off we toddled in the Reo
It was definately time to get the Holiday Dress out
And Mr D even put on his Holiday Shirt.

The stalls aren't always up to much at this event. Too many Blue ones (ie. stalls selling bits of greasy chunks of metal, old tools, clothing that some soldier in the past has worn..) and not enough Pink ones (ie. stalls selling handmade soaps, jewellery, vintage clothing or items for the home)

But... there were a couple that i just couldn't stop looking over.
This one was vintage clothing, aprons, bed spreads, (which i loved but i admit to being slightly freaked out at the thought of buying a bed spread that some one may have died in eeeeeek!)
Then there was this one which had lots of pretty wicker baskets.
I do admit that i bought myself one for 2.50. To put bits and bobs in in the Reo. And i bought two for my sisters home.
So shoot me.
The rest of the time wa spent sitting under our very welcome shade canopy outside watching the world go by, or here in my cosy weekend home
Reading these...
And just enjoying the fact that it was the hottest weekend of the year so far and i wasn't spending it serving ice cream & milkshakes to Mr Public ;)
Hope your weekend was just as fabulous!

Sunday, 27 June 2010


I think we can safley say Summer has arrived in Suffolk.
The show season is well under way for me and Mr D, so this weekend was spent at Rougham Air Field.
I do have pics, but will upload them another day, but here is how i pretty much spent the wkend.
I read this book, given to me by my Niece. Set in New York in the 1800's. i didn't realise it was a series, but will definately look out for the rest, when i've come out of my self inflicted spending drought of course ;)
You can read about them here
Now for Summer. What is your fav summer drink?
Sangria is niceOr Gin & Tonic? Seems very English:) Nothing wrong with that.

My fav is always Pimms,with lots of fruit of course. A little trick i was taught was to put some grapes in the freezer so they act as ice cubes, yummmmmmm
Whats your summer tipple to be?

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Garden Party

We went to our lovely friend Rachel's 40th party at the weekend!
It took place here, in this fabulous little cottage (you can just spot the little marquee on the left)
They had made the garage into a bar, and the marquee was a space for music and dancing
(spot the barrel of Ale! There were two!) But it was ok, there was bucket loads of Pimms for us girlies..
The garden to their cottage is beautiful, and we had a 70's Lounge area to sit in, complete with ducks haha!
You can see the ribbon holding the ducks together, i decided that they needed 'hog tied' as they kept turning around in the wind and ruining the effect!
The weather was pretty dull, with some drizzle, but we English folk can enjoy ourselves anyway!
Well i suppose we are used to it!
The 70's Lounge at night turned into 'The Live Lounge'
There was much singing
If you felt a wee bit chilly you could stand at one of the three fires
We had a great time, & we took our bedroom with us, camped in a meadow opposite the cottage

BTW, i've been extremely good with the sacrificing, i haven't bought a single thing. I did my shopping on line (which was delivered last night by the happy man) so i wasn't tempted to buy stuff i didn't need...and i used a load of vouchers that i had lying around. Usually when i do that i end up buying a book as when you think about it, it's free cos of the money i saved with the vouchers...but not this time. No sireeeeeee. I'm strong.
I will have a Land Rover.

Saturday, 19 June 2010


Okay, so in order to get my dream wheels, sacrifices have to be made
I will not buy any new books.
I do not NEED any new books.
I have piles of books waiting to be read.
& This girlie just sent me home yesterday with another bag of book goodness :)

I will not buy any new clothes.
I do not NEED any new clothes.
I have lots of clothes waiting to be worn.
I was good yesterday, i saw a dress, but i didn't buy it! I told myself i have plenty of dresses, and
i walked out of the shop.
Go ME!!!!
I wonder how long i can last? I'm going to test myself :)

Thursday, 17 June 2010

I'm with The Band

Thought you might like to see The Boys in action
The Makeshifts stopped gigging in 2004 but the have re formed this year with some original members and a new one :)

They have done a couple of gigs so far where a lot of the old loyal followers came.

They play a mixture of R&B (the fast paced 70's & 80's style, not the stuff they play on MTV these days!)

Unfortunately i seem to have a lack of piccie's of my hubbie doing his stuff at the mixing desk (!)
I know, i'm a bad wife.
I LoVe live music. I get the heebie jeebies when i see a disco. & purleeeeeease don't say the K word in my presence.
I don't seem to have mastered the blogging thing to put video's etc on here. (i reallly need to do the Blogging Masterclass) but this is the type of music they play..

& these
One thing about gigs is that they are extremely good excersise! I always ache in places i never knew existed the next day :0)
PS. I wasn't joking about the Blogging Masterclass, if anyone knows of some good info places, let me know..!

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

to get fit

I've been thinking of taking up jogging.
I tried it with Mr D a couple of years ago. Big Mistake. Huge.
I think i just need to go on my own, so i can go at my own snails pace.
It sounds good in theory, a morning jog along the prom when no one else is up, just need to get out of bed earlier.

Any tips would be gratefully recieved.
On Jogging or Getting Out Of Bed Earlier :)

Friday, 11 June 2010


I dream of growing old with MR D
I dream of giving it all up & living the Gypsy life in a place like this
I dream of owning an old fashioned sweetie shop & selling sugar mice whilst dressed in vintage clothing

I also dream of owning a shop like this

Maybe with this outside

I dream of taking a week (month?) off work for the sole purpose of reading all my to-be-read pile
But my big dream of the moment is to find a Land Rover Defender 90 as my next car, we have test drove a few. I know what i want, we just need to find it, and at the right price :)

What are you all dreaming of?

(all my images are from either weheartit or google images)

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Etsy Love

Just a quickie to show you the print i bought from
I bought it for my sister :)
She loves it :)

Monday, 7 June 2010

40's V 50's style

Here we are, back from the weekend, The Hanger Dance was fun, although i think they need a bigger Hanger to accommodate all the dancing!
It was so full, that people were 'strolling outside':)
BTW i opted for the scarf, saves having to worry about getting the hair right..
Anyhoo, although at most of the events we go to people usually dress 1940's style, this goes with the general theme of the events & music.. i find i am more drawn to the 1950's.. i could just see myself serving my ice cream over the counter at a place like this..

I really think the 50's style is more flattering, if you aren't careful, the 40's style can be very ageing
even the dancing, Mr D and i like to dance the jive 50's Esq style (well we try to)
Do you ever wonder if you were born in the wrong era?
I mean even the transport was sooo much cooler then :)
I am seriously considering buying some of these dungarees from here
I bought some high waisted jeans from here at a show last year, and i think i rather like the dungarees( wouldn't say no to the air stream caravan either...)

It's surprising the amount of celebrities that go for the vintage look
Gwen's hair and makeup is just so cool
Apart from dreaming of being a 50's teen, i read this book at the weekend, the 2nd in the Night World Trilogy (although each of the 3 books has 3 novels in so not strictly a trilogy...
written by the Vampire Diaries Author, really rather good and entertaining
& now I'm on to this one. I have to admit it. I don't remember Bree Tanner as a character in Eclipse. I know. Shoot me. I'm thinking i may get the novel back out and see if i can find the bit she was in.

So what's the verdict? 40's or 50's?