Monday, 7 June 2010

40's V 50's style

Here we are, back from the weekend, The Hanger Dance was fun, although i think they need a bigger Hanger to accommodate all the dancing!
It was so full, that people were 'strolling outside':)
BTW i opted for the scarf, saves having to worry about getting the hair right..
Anyhoo, although at most of the events we go to people usually dress 1940's style, this goes with the general theme of the events & music.. i find i am more drawn to the 1950's.. i could just see myself serving my ice cream over the counter at a place like this..

I really think the 50's style is more flattering, if you aren't careful, the 40's style can be very ageing
even the dancing, Mr D and i like to dance the jive 50's Esq style (well we try to)
Do you ever wonder if you were born in the wrong era?
I mean even the transport was sooo much cooler then :)
I am seriously considering buying some of these dungarees from here
I bought some high waisted jeans from here at a show last year, and i think i rather like the dungarees( wouldn't say no to the air stream caravan either...)

It's surprising the amount of celebrities that go for the vintage look
Gwen's hair and makeup is just so cool
Apart from dreaming of being a 50's teen, i read this book at the weekend, the 2nd in the Night World Trilogy (although each of the 3 books has 3 novels in so not strictly a trilogy...
written by the Vampire Diaries Author, really rather good and entertaining
& now I'm on to this one. I have to admit it. I don't remember Bree Tanner as a character in Eclipse. I know. Shoot me. I'm thinking i may get the novel back out and see if i can find the bit she was in.

So what's the verdict? 40's or 50's?


  1. 50's - just a bit more glamourous.

  2. I think born in the wrong era ad wrong country,I wish i'd have been a teenager in the 40s maybe in the last year pf the war, be swept off my feet by a an American GI who whisks me away to the US were i could live in 50's America, *sigh*

    I cant remember Bree as well

  3. I'd say 50s. Its more fun and light hearted.
    A friend in France has just had a 40s themed teaparty as a fundraiser and in her pics, dressed in full 40s style, she ended up looking like her mum.

  4. I read those books - they were pretty good although sometimes I feel like LJ Smith is lacking something.

    And Bree Tanner was one of the new vampires created by Victoria. She was the one that they tried to spare when to Italian vampires came to "clean up the mess." I didn't remember her either till I read an interview Stephenie Meyer did.