Friday, 11 June 2010


I dream of growing old with MR D
I dream of giving it all up & living the Gypsy life in a place like this
I dream of owning an old fashioned sweetie shop & selling sugar mice whilst dressed in vintage clothing

I also dream of owning a shop like this

Maybe with this outside

I dream of taking a week (month?) off work for the sole purpose of reading all my to-be-read pile
But my big dream of the moment is to find a Land Rover Defender 90 as my next car, we have test drove a few. I know what i want, we just need to find it, and at the right price :)

What are you all dreaming of?

(all my images are from either weheartit or google images)


  1. I love all your dreams... I have a few of the same, especially owning my own shop (I'd like it to be a children's bookshop/tea room) and having time off to just read and relax. I'm also dreaming of our trip to London and hoping we can book our tickets soon...

    Happy Weekend, Claire!

  2. Awe my to-be-read pile. It's been building up for years and years. What to do what to do. I hope you get to do these things you dream of!


  3. my main dream is to give up work and write full time

  4. What wonderful dreams Claire.

    I dream of being a published author. Seeing the spine of one of my books in one of my favorite bookstores. That would be amazing.

  5. My husband dreams of running a bed and breakfast but I keep reminding him that I hate getting up early and making beds!!! So now he's moved on to wanting a tea shop (with me doing all the baking mind you!) My dream is that he would just go to work and leave me alone!

  6. aaawww sweet images!!! i love that bakeshop photo!!! so fancy and cute! :D

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