Thursday, 3 June 2010

Fancy Dress

Oh Golly, the week has whizzed by me in a blur of ice cream, i've driven hundreds of miles around and about (luckily the boss's left me their car when they went away) my head feels like it's about to combust but i'm not going to talk/type about the stress of it all as i dont want my blog to be a place that i come tomoanandwinge about stuff when really i don't mean it, as i realise that i'm a very lucky girlie indeed :)
So anyway, here is me and my lovely sis last weekend at our friend's fancy dress party
I sort of took the easy road as my jeep overalls always come out, but i did have a feeling the people that were going wouldn't be doing the same so i would be a bit different (note. different is good) they are so comfy to wear, the scalf on my head meant that in my hair didn't need any 'doing' after a stress filled day.
Caroline looked hilarious in her St Trinians outfit complete with geeky glasses and hockey stick.
What does everyone think about Fancy Dress party's?
I love them, but i really like people to make an effort.
Please Dont just go to the store and get the cutest outfit you can find (although i suppose if you look like Norma Jean i can't hold it against you too much ) but worse still, don't turn up in your normal 'going to the disco' clothes.
I find that quite annoying.
Use your imagination. Try and do something diffferent. (At this one there were several cute young girls dressed as Alice, while their boys were the Mad Hatter. All very nice but can anyone say predictable...
So to this weekend, there will be more fancy dress, at a local Hanger Dance.
I LoVe Hanger Dances, i love the swing music & our friends will all be there, & i can take my wicker basket (part of the costume of course) filled with Cider :)
This will be me. See the smile? I'm happy :)
The next two pics were taken at the same Hanger Dance last year.

The question is, scalf on head or not?


  1. Enjoy your hanger dance - one year I will get to that.

    3 out of 4 of us here love dressing up on the right occasion. Big son would rather eat a limb!!

  2. Enjoy yourself and have a great weekend!

  3. LOVE fancy dress parties. Used to go to a lot when I was younger (one memorable one when I was dressed as Nell Gwynn!). Not been to one in ages. Oh, did dress up as a witch last Halloween and husband said he didn't notice the difference!!!

  4. I love fancy dress parties! And theme parties. I just like dressing up, and yes that means more than just going to the store and getting a fancy dress! I like the adventure of finding the outfit.