Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Garden Party

We went to our lovely friend Rachel's 40th party at the weekend!
It took place here, in this fabulous little cottage (you can just spot the little marquee on the left)
They had made the garage into a bar, and the marquee was a space for music and dancing
(spot the barrel of Ale! There were two!) But it was ok, there was bucket loads of Pimms for us girlies..
The garden to their cottage is beautiful, and we had a 70's Lounge area to sit in, complete with ducks haha!
You can see the ribbon holding the ducks together, i decided that they needed 'hog tied' as they kept turning around in the wind and ruining the effect!
The weather was pretty dull, with some drizzle, but we English folk can enjoy ourselves anyway!
Well i suppose we are used to it!
The 70's Lounge at night turned into 'The Live Lounge'
There was much singing
If you felt a wee bit chilly you could stand at one of the three fires
We had a great time, & we took our bedroom with us, camped in a meadow opposite the cottage

BTW, i've been extremely good with the sacrificing, i haven't bought a single thing. I did my shopping on line (which was delivered last night by the happy man) so i wasn't tempted to buy stuff i didn't need...and i used a load of vouchers that i had lying around. Usually when i do that i end up buying a book as when you think about it, it's free cos of the money i saved with the vouchers...but not this time. No sireeeeeee. I'm strong.
I will have a Land Rover.


  1. wow what a picture perfect cottage.
    I want those ducks lol

  2. You are strong! I too use vouchers and points for feels like a treat, but I know I should take a leaf from your book (apart from you were so restrained you didn't buy one, LOL)and save instead....

  3. I love the vintage lounge area complete with ducks ha ha. It's amazing! Looks like you had a lovely time.


  4. aahh!! seems like a great party!! the venue is really gorgeous! :D

    Animated Confessions

  5. Beautiful little cottage! My total dream house. Looks like a lovely event.

    xo style, she wrote