Thursday, 17 June 2010

I'm with The Band

Thought you might like to see The Boys in action
The Makeshifts stopped gigging in 2004 but the have re formed this year with some original members and a new one :)

They have done a couple of gigs so far where a lot of the old loyal followers came.

They play a mixture of R&B (the fast paced 70's & 80's style, not the stuff they play on MTV these days!)

Unfortunately i seem to have a lack of piccie's of my hubbie doing his stuff at the mixing desk (!)
I know, i'm a bad wife.
I LoVe live music. I get the heebie jeebies when i see a disco. & purleeeeeease don't say the K word in my presence.
I don't seem to have mastered the blogging thing to put video's etc on here. (i reallly need to do the Blogging Masterclass) but this is the type of music they play..

& these
One thing about gigs is that they are extremely good excersise! I always ache in places i never knew existed the next day :0)
PS. I wasn't joking about the Blogging Masterclass, if anyone knows of some good info places, let me know..!


  1. Very cool Claire! I love learning about new music!

  2. HaHa!! Cool!
    Happy weekend babe!