Saturday, 19 June 2010


Okay, so in order to get my dream wheels, sacrifices have to be made
I will not buy any new books.
I do not NEED any new books.
I have piles of books waiting to be read.
& This girlie just sent me home yesterday with another bag of book goodness :)

I will not buy any new clothes.
I do not NEED any new clothes.
I have lots of clothes waiting to be worn.
I was good yesterday, i saw a dress, but i didn't buy it! I told myself i have plenty of dresses, and
i walked out of the shop.
Go ME!!!!
I wonder how long i can last? I'm going to test myself :)


  1. Yeah.

    I keep telling myself I don't need to buy things because we can't afford it. Does not help that I work in a clothing store...

  2. You go girl!!! And don't buy books, library it up! Free:-)

    Have a great rest of your weekend!

  3. I do not need more clothes either. I need to be more like you, I am saving up for bigger things! It's worth it right?


  4. I keep telling myself I don't need things in order to save to buy the things I actually need. Good luck! :)


  5. you can do it!!! just think of the end goal!! :D

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