Sunday, 27 June 2010


I think we can safley say Summer has arrived in Suffolk.
The show season is well under way for me and Mr D, so this weekend was spent at Rougham Air Field.
I do have pics, but will upload them another day, but here is how i pretty much spent the wkend.
I read this book, given to me by my Niece. Set in New York in the 1800's. i didn't realise it was a series, but will definately look out for the rest, when i've come out of my self inflicted spending drought of course ;)
You can read about them here
Now for Summer. What is your fav summer drink?
Sangria is niceOr Gin & Tonic? Seems very English:) Nothing wrong with that.

My fav is always Pimms,with lots of fruit of course. A little trick i was taught was to put some grapes in the freezer so they act as ice cubes, yummmmmmm
Whats your summer tipple to be?


  1. I'll ad that book to my wishlist i'll read anythingset in new york

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