Tuesday, 15 June 2010

to get fit

I've been thinking of taking up jogging.
I tried it with Mr D a couple of years ago. Big Mistake. Huge.
I think i just need to go on my own, so i can go at my own snails pace.
It sounds good in theory, a morning jog along the prom when no one else is up, just need to get out of bed earlier.

Any tips would be gratefully recieved.
On Jogging or Getting Out Of Bed Earlier :)


  1. i tried jogging with my hubs too...it was a no go. my jog is like his walk. i do better running with a friend who goes at my same pace. but i like going to classes at the gym instead of running. running is my arch nemesis. ugh!

  2. Ah... my words exactly... but now its too hot! oops... was that an excuse??? :D


  3. Yep, I am not a jogging fan. Only because my chest is too big, jogging and running are not good for us busty gals.

  4. oh my gosh - i LOVE jogging. yah I cannot go with my husband - never works out and i never enjoy it as much because i always feel like i should be going faster or doing better. jogging alone is perfection. give it a few weeks and before you know it you'll start to enjoy it and look forward to it! just give your body time to get used to it :)