Sunday, 11 July 2010

Fun in The Sun

Day's like these (ie HOT!) are when we appreciate Bertie.
We decided to go to Bury St Edmunds as it's been a while..
After a small unscheduled deeeeeeeeetor.. all part of the adventure I'm told...
we did find our way without going on the duel carriage way too much.
Country lanes are far more interesting in Bertie.
Bury has changed since we last went, much more shopping opportunities now..but the Abbey
Gardens were still the same.
Come through the Abbey Gate and see
Lunch was provided by Mr Spenser (AKA Marks & Sparks)
We found a shady spot & ate.
& people watched
The gardens are very pretty & colourful, & Busy! Lots of families there for picnics, & workers having lunch
We visited the cheap magazine stall at the market so we had some reading
& generally just sat.

The Holiday shirt has had quite an airing this summer already!

We enjoyed ourselves, especially when we saw they had strung the bunting up for our arrival ;)

On the way home we stopped off to visit friends who were camping by the river (the top pic of Bertie was taken there), then our friends came over for the evening, with their Springer puppy, who we introduced to the sea (unfortunately i didn't take my camera for that, but she wouldn't go in!)
Hope your weekend was just as relaxing!


  1. That looks like a lovely day out! The bunting is gorgeous, and I do love to sit in the shade, eat a picnic and peruse a magazine or two...

    Glad to see you making the most of the fabulous weather over there! We'll be in England in less than 4 weeks, and I really hope the sun is still shining for our holiday!

  2. what a fun day out and about! i have been enjoying the beautiful weather as well!