Tuesday, 6 July 2010

How to....

So i thought i'd let you in on the secret, these are the best sites i've discovered..
I think they may only be for the uk but i'm sure if you google 'surveys for points' or 'surveys for vouchers' you may find some sites outside the uk :)
This site is not a survey site, but you join up, and there are several ways of earning points here, 1.Click through to the sites that give you 10 points per click (you dont have to buy anything, you simply earn points for clicking through to them) these change every week so go on the site regular to check!
2. If you are buying anything, go to the shopping section and buy through this site. You earn a certain number of points per pound. A little tip is that i often buy through this site even in stores that are in my town, for example, WHS give you 21 points per pound spent, and you can get your things delivered to your local store free, so i always do this! Other stores will do this free.
You just need to remember if you are shopping to click on the site through the pigsback site and your points are added in a couple of weeks.
3. The other way is to register with sites through pigsback, i dont do this very often as it means you get loads of junk from the companys, but it's a good way of earning a lot of points in one go.
So there you have it, Once your piggy bank has lots of points in it you can trade them in for vouchers from lot of different stores!
These two sites are survey sites:
With these you sign up and they send you surveys. Sometimes you can go for a few weeks with none, but then other times you can get several in one day.
A tip is that the surveys don't stay valid forever, once they have enough participents they go offline so if you have a few minutes to spare it's worth doing them. The surveys are mostly about shopping habbits, i've reviewed TV commercials, i've even taken part in testing products, a washing powder and some Walls sausages!!!
With these you earn the points for the surveys and save them up for your vouchers, i always get Amazon evouchers from these, then i add them to my Amazon account to accumulate, it's great to have a credit on amazon as then you can buy those bday pressies!
So there you go, hope i've made you happy :)
Happy Clicking!!
ps, if anyone else knows of any good sites like this do share!!


  1. Ooooo I must check this out! Thanks so much for the links and this wonderful how-to. I really wanted to know!