Thursday, 29 July 2010

Scent of a Woman..

It's happened, i've had to take a new bottle off the (small) pile and open it.
My Fav everyday perfume seems to have gone awol in the shops over here, i can't find it in the normal stores anymore.
I was distraught, until i spied a basket of it in a local discount store :O how could they!
Just to prove that my Mr D is
The Best,
He disappeared and came back with his pockets full.
That put a smile on my face as it meant at the time i had 7 bottles of the lovely stuff :)
That was a year ago and sadly the pile is depleating.
I'm blamimg this culprit...

It is the new fragrance from Sarah.
Which seems to have knocked mine off the shelf.
But i don't like it, which if they had bothered to ask me i would have told them!!

I do however still like this one, and have been lucky enough to own a bottle in the past, but you's expensive, and i'm still saving for my new wheels...

This is one i do like which seems to stay on the shelves even though Anna has lots of new ones scince, why can't Sarah do that!?

Oh the worry of it.

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  1. You are too cute!!! I've been MIA in the scent land, need to go see what else is out there. My faves are anything by Escada, DKNY be delicious, and my latest is Ed Hardy:-)

    P.S. thanks for the sweet comment on my Etsy shop blog post!!!