Saturday, 3 July 2010

Shopping without Spending..

What with my quest for a Land Rover Defender, i have mastered the art of
Shopping without Spending
I get vouchers sent to me through the post from some sites i do surveys on, these are a great way to get little treats, do the surveys, build up your points, and trade them in for vouchers!
A lot of the time i get Amazon evouchers which i add to my account and buy presents for Birthdays and Christmas, but i had a little 10.00 voucher for DP's the other day so i got these :) Some cool trainer socks and some pretty hair slides i got 2 packs of each for my 10.00. Bargain!
My other free haul came from my Niece :)
Being 18 & having no other worries apart from what am i going to wear today?!
(oh remember THOSE days!)
She is always clearing out her wardrobe, so luckily i get the pick!!
Then there was the bag of books i came home with....
Oh i could get the hang of this Shopping Without Spending!
Any other tips to save?
Hope your weekend is Fab.
Me? Oh how nice of you to ask...
Oh i'm getting up at sillyoclock to go clean out my ridiculously over stressed ice cream scoop cabinate (where has all this heat come from?) it needs defrosting every few days in this heat :(
Then i'm off car booting with my sis. To sell all our (junk) oh sorry i mean our quality items)
After that it's off back to work!
Mr D is away for the weekend chasing his plane :)


  1. What? How do you do that? I want in. I think I may have a slight shopping addiction.


  2. WHAT!? I want to know how you do that! That's so cool!

  3. shopping without spending, my type of shopping lolx