Friday, 9 July 2010

Weekend Plans!

As i will be working extra hard next week, i have taken a couple of days off. (Well there has to be some perks to being the boss, right?
Mr D & I are taking Bertie out for a wee spin tomorrow, while the sun is shining, might even get some ice cream like we did here..checking out the competition is all part of the job description..

I like spending days out with Mr D, we'll be like these two..
Maybe we can buy some munchies and sit in a park.
oooo i can't wait.

Hope everyone has a great weekend, it's unusually hot here at the moment, but we aren't complaining!!


  1. That photo makes me want a picnic. Have a good weekend. All my love.


  2. I know which ice-cream shop you visited in the first pic ;) Hope he was smiling that day ;)

  3. Hope you enjoyed Aldeburgh!!
    You should try the icecream at the Reggata, they make their own. I recommend the one with maltesers in.

  4. have a great weekend as usual I am working nights lol