Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Birthday Week!!

It’s my Birthday week! Tomorrow i will turn 38 years old :) And I don’t feel a day over 21.


So far my Birthday week has consisted of:

1. Going away with friends for a long weekend to an air show which was fabulous, the sun shone, and my fav plane came for a flypast :)

Here she is, shame you can’t see the flight crew looking rather dashing in their getup..


2.Working extremely hard getting ready to go away to my Uncles wedding at the end of the week. I’ve decided that i just don’t have time to work, i just have toooo much other stuff to fit in! Ha!!

3. A rather lovely meal at a local pub with rather a lot of Pimms.

The next half of my Birthday week will consist of:

4.Spending Birthday with Mr D (after i get in from work. How did i get to work the morning of my Bday when i’m the boss? Ha!) I’ve been promised Steak for tea. mmmmm

5.Going to aforementioned wedding, to be held at The Guild Hall, Windsor…yes the one where Charlie married Camilla :)

6. A trip to London to see Wicked. Ive seen it before but the friend i’m going with has a bday the day after me and she really wanted to go, so, well i just had to. It’s my Fav musical ever! Much excitement!

Oh and then there’ll be the present opening ceremony…come round any time for that and i’ll make myself available :)


It only seems like yesterday that i was in knee highs and red sandles..


ps…i’m the cute one on the Left ;)


  1. What a busy week! Have a lovely time.

  2. Eek! I know I already said this on FB but HAPPY BIRTHDAY CLAIRE! I hope you have an absolutely fantastic day AND week!

  3. Happy birthday! You look cute on the last pic :)