Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Home Comforts

Bank Holiday weekend over!

Weather here wasn’t great, sunshine & Very Heavy showers!

I did some work, but we also did a lot of riding around, dropping in at various friends for cups of tea, just so we could have an excuse to drive the new vehicle :)

Last night we sat in the garden with some friends around the wood burner, and i got to thinking, while i was sat there in my Pyjama bottoms, does anyone else do this?

Do you spend a fortune on pretty frilly underwear & night wear? Or do you live and die in sloppy PJ’s & sweatshirts?tumblr_l6rto5mpb51qcwxl5o1_400_thumb


I like the look of all these, nicely packaged frilly, girly..

But the reality is that i like the simple things. Don’t lacy bras just make your T- shirt all bumpy? And they scratch!

I have to confess that i practically live in my PJ’s when i’m home, no matter what time of day, the beauty is that a lot of my PJ’s are more like jogging bottoms, which i wear with vest tops/sweatshirts, so i can get away with it if someone comes to the door..i don’t look like a bum housewife that sits watching Jeremy Kyle all day!


I like these one’s from Next


Then i made the HUGE mistake of looking on the Anthro website :O)




Oh. My. Goodness.

I wonder what MR D thinks of my nightwearcomedaywear.

I have to confess I’ve never asked. Just in case i don’t like the answer!:)


  1. Lovely blog

  2. I definitely don't invest enough in my unmentionables. Poor hubs. HA!

  3. great post. i dont' really consult D much either.

    fave bra from VS - tshirt pushup bra. compfy and they make it with cute patterns and straps.

    love your blog.
    hope you'll swing by mine too! wild-and-precious.com

  4. I'm all for comfort when it comes to PJs and undies and quite agree about itchy lace. Mu OH sometimes buys me nice undies for Christmas and complains that I never wear them!

  5. I am all about comfort when I'm inside my own home. Fleece, slippers and lovely cozy robes!

  6. I definitely don't invest as much in my undies as I used to. Bills and all...