Sunday, 15 August 2010

Wedding Special!! :)


Back from 3 days of celebrating my Uncle Robbie and new Auntie Anna’s wedding! Everyone had a fantastic time although we are all a wee bit sleepy!


I am presuming you might want to see pics..who doesn't like nosing at other peoples wedding right?

As you can see the transport from the hotel to the Guildhall in Windsor was two double deckers, which also took us on a tour of Windsor. A bit elongated as the driver took a wrong turn. I pity the people who had two double deckers coming towards them the wrong way down a one way street :O


So in we all piled, picking up the bride and groom on the way


Rob Wedding 049

We got the the Guildhall, where lots of people milled around waiting for Robbie Williams to come out of the bus haha!


The Guildhall was a beautiful building in side for a wedding, and the registrar was very good with the young bridesmaids who all had a little reading to do. Here is Liliana, Robbie & Anna’s daughter doing hers :)


Dosen’t she look lovely?



We headed out after the ceremony for the traditional throwing of confetti, blowing of bubbles, and (bizarrely) throwing of jelly beans! I’m thinking maybe its an Italian tradition as the Bride is Italian :)


It’s here where i must show you the photographers shoes. How Cool. Purple winkle pickers in case you were wondering.

Rob Wedding 057


Off we then went to the Windsor Castle for a few pics, where luckily the sun came out just in time. In these photos you can see my Nephew pushing his Great Grannie (my Gran). He did a grand job, considering he’s never come close to a wheelchair before, and Grannie didn’t look too scared! While we were milling around Windsor Castle a tourist actually said ‘oh look there’s The Queen!’ Haha!

I am wearing the black halter neck dress. The dress i had originally bought to wear i fell out with in a major way the night before we left, so i uncovered the black one (from the depths of my wardrobe)and hoped and prayed that it would be ok. (i considered asking them to postpone the wedding in view of my out fit crisis, but decided that might seem a bit selfish :)

38613_475047011040_585811040_6908025_2000502_n Here’s Kirstin (my neice) in her green Anthropologie dress. No such out fit crisis for her!


Didn’t know these two ladies but thought their outfits (and brolly) deserved a mention!


Anna was glad of her brolly!


Here is my littlest Niece with her second cousin Liliana, who is my first cousin ( i think that’s right) Any way Cute or what!


I expect you want a shot of the cake, so here it is :) The small one was a chocolate cake for Liliana :)



Unfortunately, i don’t have photo’s of the evening, as after this it all got a bit frantic. The Band were Fantastic. Need i say more? My body is still protesting 2 days later.

So there you go. Proof that you CAN have a great wedding on Friday the 13th :)


  1. How fun and such great pics. Thanks for sharing these with us!

  2. so much fun! thanks for sharing the pictures!! :)