Monday, 13 September 2010

11 years ago….


……Tomorrow I married my very own Mr D :) By Ullswater lake in Cumbria.

What a lovely day we had, with 25 of our closest friends and family


At that time, we didn’t have digital photos, & i have no scanner, so these are photos of photos..


How young do we look! :) And look at Mr D’s long hair!


Do you like my Bouquet? I wasn’t going to have one..but my Granny went and picked some greenery from the hills to add to a couple of roses, tied them with a blue ribbon & there you go!


Yep, we had some fun.. we stayed in our usual holiday place in the run up to the wedding, then we took the jeep to the west coast of Scotland to stay at Corsewall Light house. Recommended :)

The pic below is The Bungalow in Martindale. A fantastic secluded old hunting lodge that we would go to every year with a group of friends.  No TV no Electric, the water comes from the stream outside, and the place is lit with oil lamps, and the glow from the huge open fire of course :)



And this is the Light House. Bedrooms in Light houses are small, as you would expect, but we had the huge room outside with the big conservatory that we could watch the light from :)


We will be spending our Anniversary picking up Mother in law from Heathrow at silly-o-clock.. but then the day is ours..



  1. Happy Anniversary :)

    BTW are you going to Henham this weekend??

  2. happy happy anniversary! 11 years! :) i bet you have tons of wonderful memories with your hubby from those years. I'm excited about creating those memories with my new hubby!