Monday, 20 September 2010


It happens every year, at this time, after the busy weeks of the ice cream roller coaster AKA The Summer Holidays..i look at my house and think..


So last week i decided to make a start on the office.

This is not as posh as it sounds. The office in our house is the second bedroom. But with the lack of breeding genes/maternal instinct that there is here..we have made it the officecomefriendsplacetofallafteranightaout.

(ok you know this isn’t my pic but you get the jist….)


After filling my blue recycling bin so full that Mr D could hardly wheel it to the front of the house.. I was quite chuffed that i managed to condense two filing cabinets into one.

Which left space for the much wanted onmypart table for my sewing machine to sit on. Yippeeeee!!!

The office is not finished yet. By any stretch of the imagination. But i can dream.



I mean really, what self respecting crafter wouldn’t want a desk like those…!

So thats underway. Really need to start on The Books.

The Books multiply when i’m not looking. Seriously. If you turn your back they breed.



That’s what i tell Mr D anyway ;)

(Pics as usual from weheartit)


  1. I'm right there with you. My guest room/office is a pitiful mess right now!

  2. I know what you mean. My space is a mess too. I wish I wans't too lazy to


  3. Our landing looks uncommonly like your first pic at the mo - see the post I'm about to write to find out why! The rest of your photos should motivate me...

    About the Magazine Swap - your partner is DosieRosie. Have you tried to contact her through her blog yet (the link will be on her comment on the 'signup' post)? She's just emailed to let me know she can't view your blog properly, which is odd, so maybe you could get in touch with her, please. Thanks!

  4. i didn't realize how many books nick and i had together until we moved... and had to unpack boxes and boxes of them. they are stacked 3 deep on the bookshelf now until i figure out where to put them all!! :)))