Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Sympathy cards

Yesterday. I went to every single shop in town that sells cards. These days, there aren't many shops that don't sell cards, even if they are stuck in a corner by the till.
Generally I love cards. You could say I have a card fetish. Being the fan of snail mail that I am, I often buy nice cards when i see them and add them to my stash, so that i have them to post or give at a moments notice.

Sympathy cards, however are a different story. Why are they so crap?
I eventually bought one. Took it home. Wrote in it.
Today I fell out with it. Threw it away, and bought a different one.
Hoping it's appropriate. But are they ever?
And tomorrow I have to do it all again, for another family, different situation. Same crap cards.

I don't want to tell people that i will be praying for them. I don't pray.
I don't want them to remember the happy memories as i don't know if they have many.
I don't want to tell them that their loved one is in a better place and watching down on them, as who the hell knows if they are?
I just want to say how crap I feel for them.
Is that bad?

There's definately a gap in the market.

I can't be the only one that feels like this?


  1. It is hard to find good sympathy cards in general stores. I wuold try etsy or online. It seems they are more creative when not in a general store.


  2. you should start your own line of cards. i think sympathy cards, especially, would be better without words and better with just a graphic.

  3. You're not the only one! Sympathy cards are RUBBISH - I totally agree!

    Good luck finding a nice one today. I hope you succeed!

  4. i totally hear you. i love cards, too. one of my favorite things. sympathy cards are so hard because sometimes there's just nothing to say...

  5. as someone in the stationery business, i have to tell you- they are hard to make! we stopped doing the segment because they were never turning out like we wanted. sigh. i feel your pain!

  6. Ugh, I hate it when I have to go on a hunt for those!

  7. Make your own Claire. That's what I do.

    Aunt Allison