Saturday, 9 October 2010


I’ve been away.  Did you notice?


A week with my Mr D, 3 friends, and a Springer Spaniel :)

October is a great time to visit The Lake District.  The children are back at school, so not only is it quieter, but cheaper too! We stayed in a lovely cosy cottage near Boot, more West than we’ve ever stayed before.

We walked the Fells.. Then we walked up here.

pillar 2

Climbed.  More than walked.


Pillar. Wasdale.  I came down some of the way on my bum.  It was just easier.


There are pictures of me up there, when I’ve sorted them through.  Just to prove that it did actually happen and i didn’t dream it.  My thighs are still telling me 3 days later that it did actually happen.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve climbed bigger..much bigger (the biggest!) than this…. but that was about 12 years ago.  I’m older now, and the height, & the rocks, & the wind (which actually literally blew me over at one point) scare me.

But we did it, and I also learnt to cook on one of these.


Now that I loved. Perfect for drying out the boots too :) (Well it’s not The Lake District for nothing)

Can’t wait to catch up on all my reading, hope you all had a great week!


  1. I want to come with you on your next vacation!! :D

    Looks beautiful & so much fun!! Glad to hear it!

    Welcome home!!


  2. Love the quote at the beginning and it's so true. Thanks for visiting my blog. Hopefully I'm back now after rather a challenging summer. Glad you had a good break!

  3. Welcome back lady! If you want to take me on your next vacation just ask ;-)

  4. gorgeous pictures!!! looks like a wonderful vacation!! glad you're back!!

  5. Lovely lovely photos! Welcome back and I hope you've settled back in after your vacation!

  6. Oh how gorgeous! It's so green!


    p.. Be sure to enter in my giveaway when you have the chance!

  7. Sounds like a delightful vacation! Have a beautiful day, Kellie xx

  8. Sounds like an incredible vaycay! I'm going to the mountains next month and can't wait!